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termite inspection Las Vegas

Termite Inspection Las Vegas

Termite inspections are required by lenders on all types of properties prior to a loan closing.  This inspection is necessary to check the structure for any pre-existing damage caused by termites.  Whether or not it is required, a termite inspection is cheap insurance against potential hidden issues.  Termite problems are not easily apparent to the naked eye until they have reached an already critical point.  Any experienced real estate professional will agree that a pre-purchase termite inspection should be part of anyone’s “due diligence” when researching a property.

Delcon Termite and Pest Control has years of experience working with real estate agents and their clients.  We know that prompt and reliable termite inspections are key to keep the process moving.  We can provide termite inspections for residential homes, multi-unit dwellings or commercial buildings.  Delcon works hard to offer same day termite inspections whenever possible.

Termite Inspection Services:

  • Same day or next day termite inspections available
  • Residential termite inspections
  • Apartment complex termite inspections
  • Commercial termite inspections