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Las Vegas monthly pest control

Monthly Pest Control

Monthly pest control is the key to avoiding the large majority of insects that would like to make a home inside your establishment. One probably wouldn’t wait to get burglarized before locking their doors at night and so why would anyone wait for bugs to enter their business before taking action?  This monthly spraying creates an invisible barrier around your property to minimize intrusions.  Not only is the exterior treated, but key areas inside the building are also given a preventative level of treatment for optimum results.

Our experienced pest control staff would be happy to recommend a monthly or even bi-monthly plan to meet your pest control needs.  There is no one-size fits all solution which is why we can custom tailor a plan for your business.  Monthly bug spraying is an excellent choice if you would like to avoid roaches, beetles, spiders, silverfish, scorpions, crickets, water bugs, ants and other bugs.  During our monthly visits, we can also inspect for other issues like pigeons or rodents.  A proactive approach to pest control yields the best possible protection for your business!

Construction Pest Control and Pre-Treatments


Pest control is recommended if not also legally required for many phases of both commercial and residential construction.  This “pre-treatment” is the application of termiticide to the soil that adjoins the structure.  The majority of new construction now requires this pre-treatment to form a barrier between between termites in the soil and wooden building materials.  Termiticide must be applied at proper concentration to conform with local and federal pesticide laws as well as some building codes.

Delcon Termite and Pest Control has been providing contractors with fast and efficient services for over 20 years.  Our equipment includes a specialized pre-treat rig with over an 1100 gallon capacity and a high rate of discharge.  This is especially useful when pre-treating multiple homes at once allowing construction to continue without delay.  Our goal is to integrate the required pest control seamlessly within the different stages of building.  We have treated countless projects from one-off custom homes to large scale developments.  Let our termite pre-treat experience put your commercial pest control worries to rest.