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Apartment Complex Pest Control

apartment complex pest controlPest control for Las Vegas apartment buildings can have it own set of challenges.  In any other situation one would have access to all affected areas to apply treatment.  In the case of apartments there can be residents who’s habits support pest infestations and those that refuse pest control treatments altogether.  These factors require a well planned regimen if any success is to be expected.

Delcon Pest Control works closely with property managers and building owners to provide a custom tailored solution to their pest management needs.  We employ a multi-step process to ensure optimal results.  From pigeons to coach roaches and bedbugs we have your apartment complex pest control solutions.

A thorough pest inspection of the entire apartment complex including common areas is the first step in formulating a pest management plan.  At that point any and all potential pests are identified as well as high risk areas that would be vulnerable to further infestation.  Most pest entry points found can then be sealed off by using wire mesh screening(pigeons and rodents), expanding foam, or a caulk sealant.

The next step is to address sanitation of the affected areas.  Dumpsters are a huge draw for both rodents and birds.  These need to be kept shut and as clean as possible to minimize pest issues.  Both residents and maintenance workers should be encouraged empty trash receptacles often.  Owners and property managers should be sure their facility has an adequately sized dumpster to avoid overflowing.

Finally the pest treatment is applied to the apartment complex.  This could be a combination of applying insecticides, placing traps, and other methods.  Once the infestation has been dealt with, followups and a monthly pest control program will minimize both future outbreaks and expenditures.

Las Vegas monthly pest control

Monthly Pest Control

Monthly pest control is the key to avoiding the large majority of insects that would like to make a home inside your establishment. One probably wouldn’t wait to get burglarized before locking their doors at night and so why would anyone wait for bugs to enter their business before taking action?  This monthly spraying creates an invisible barrier around your property to minimize intrusions.  Not only is the exterior treated, but key areas inside the building are also given a preventative level of treatment for optimum results.

Our experienced pest control staff would be happy to recommend a monthly or even bi-monthly plan to meet your pest control needs.  There is no one-size fits all solution which is why we can custom tailor a plan for your business.  Monthly bug spraying is an excellent choice if you would like to avoid roaches, beetles, spiders, silverfish, scorpions, crickets, water bugs, ants and other bugs.  During our monthly visits, we can also inspect for other issues like pigeons or rodents.  A proactive approach to pest control yields the best possible protection for your business!

termite inspection Las Vegas

Termite Inspection Las Vegas

Termite inspections are required by lenders on all types of properties prior to a loan closing.  This inspection is necessary to check the structure for any pre-existing damage caused by termites.  Whether or not it is required, a termite inspection is cheap insurance against potential hidden issues.  Termite problems are not easily apparent to the naked eye until they have reached an already critical point.  Any experienced real estate professional will agree that a pre-purchase termite inspection should be part of anyone’s “due diligence” when researching a property.

Delcon Termite and Pest Control has years of experience working with real estate agents and their clients.  We know that prompt and reliable termite inspections are key to keep the process moving.  We can provide termite inspections for residential homes, multi-unit dwellings or commercial buildings.  Delcon works hard to offer same day termite inspections whenever possible.

Termite Inspection Services:

  • Same day or next day termite inspections available
  • Residential termite inspections
  • Apartment complex termite inspections
  • Commercial termite inspections

Pest Control for Las Vegas Restaurants

Restaurant exterminators

Commercial kitchen exterminating

Pest control is crucial for the operation of an efficient kitchen.  The best defense to pest problems is a pro-active plan to prevent pests in the first place.  We have both monthly and bi-monthly plans available to minimize chances of pest problems.  

All that food is obviously a huge attractant to bugs of many kinds.  In the Las Vegas Valley, German roaches are the most common problem in commercial restaurants and can usually be avoided with routine bug spraying and some forethought from your kitchen staff.  Taking out trash before it accumulates plays a huge part in avoiding these invaders.  Also, making sure drains are kept clear goes a long way to keep a roach-free kitchen.  As I’m sure you’ve heard before, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure any day.

While preventative pest control tactics are extremely effective, some circumstances can still lead to outbreaks of German roaches.  This is why we offer varying levels of treatment.  Regular bug spraying is done at little to no inconvenience to your operation.  Once roaches have established themselves in a kitchen it is no longer as simple and the treatment plans must be escalated.  At this point it requires emptying of all cupboards, pantries, and closets for high strength treatment.

Delcon does everything possibly to keep your restaurant up and running.  We know a clean kitchen is essential to any restaurants reputation.


Pest control for Commercial Buildings and Business


Pest control for commercial and retail businesses is something that must be carefully planned for effectiveness and to minimize the impact on your day to day operations.  From poisonous spiders in a warehouse to pigeons on your rooftop, there isn’t any pest control problem that we haven’t dealt with.

Pigeon calls would definitely be one of the most common pest control complaints that we get from local businesses in Las Vegas and Henderson.  Not only are these birds a nuisance, but they can cause property damage and spread disease.

Dealing with pigeons involves removing the existing offenders and installing deterrents to prevent more from coming back.  Care must be taken in the initial cleanup since pigeon droppings actually contain pheromones that will attract more pigeons.  A thorough washing of the affected area is essential to successful pigeon abatement.


Construction Pest Control and Pre-Treatments


Pest control is recommended if not also legally required for many phases of both commercial and residential construction.  This “pre-treatment” is the application of termiticide to the soil that adjoins the structure.  The majority of new construction now requires this pre-treatment to form a barrier between between termites in the soil and wooden building materials.  Termiticide must be applied at proper concentration to conform with local and federal pesticide laws as well as some building codes.

Delcon Termite and Pest Control has been providing contractors with fast and efficient services for over 20 years.  Our equipment includes a specialized pre-treat rig with over an 1100 gallon capacity and a high rate of discharge.  This is especially useful when pre-treating multiple homes at once allowing construction to continue without delay.  Our goal is to integrate the required pest control seamlessly within the different stages of building.  We have treated countless projects from one-off custom homes to large scale developments.  Let our termite pre-treat experience put your commercial pest control worries to rest.